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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How Cash Advances Can Help Your Business

With the economy still pinching all our pockets and the much promised and talked about upturn in the economy still nowhere in sight, its vital that you do all you can to keep your business afloat through this rough patch. Although all businesses go through rough patches, this on is particularly bad and one that is out of your control. Business loans can be a great way to bridge this financial gap, but its never a good idea to borrow money only to keep your business afloat.

Business loans remain the number one way to finance a business. Its safe, risk free and relatively cheap. Banks are well regulated and getting a bank loan is the safest way to borrow money. Cash loans are almost the exact opposite and is shady at best. Its often associated with risky lenders and although there are a number of good ones, its really expensive. the great thing is that its almost instantaneous and if you've been though the drama of getting a bank loan then you will know what I mean with that.

Business cash advances are different in that its not really a loan per say. Its a great concept that can really help your business out big time. It combines elements of traditional loans with that of instant cash loans and allows you to get money quickly. By "selling" a percentage of your future sales to a lender, they advance you an mount of money based on your future sales. It eliminates a lot of the risks for both parties which is why this is such a good option.

What's really great about cash advances is that it takes away the burden of making loan repayments. It gives you flexibility and peace of mind and helps you focus on growing your business instead. There are a lot of technicalities to be aware of, but it gives you quick access to money and with relatively low risk.


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