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Monday, October 14, 2013

Can You Still Get a Faxless Loan After Bankruptcy?

You are already in bankruptcy and it is difficult to get your cash flow going in the right direction. You are always just a day or two short of funds and the bank is charging you $28 for each check that you bounce; they mark it NSF for insufficient funds. All you need is cash now without a ton of paperwork. A fax-less loan, or overnight loan may be your answer; no faxing, no credit check - just a quick cash loan.

But if you already declared, or are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, can you still get a paycheck loan? The simple answer for your problem is "yes" you can get a fax-less loan after bankruptcy with a little effort on your part. And you can do it in the convenience of your own home. Under most circumstances bankruptcy hampers your ability to borrow money or use credit. It stays on your report for the next 10 years. When you are in bankruptcy, lenders avoid you as much as possible. That doesn't help if you need cash now, but many companies use a no credit check, fax-less loan to get cash quickly into your account.

Credit is much easier to get when you don't need the money. Many people with 800+ credit scores rarely use a fax-less loan - they simply don't need it; but if you are struggling each month to get enough money in your checking account, at just the right time, then getting cash online, overnight is critically important.

It's the problem of our modern world: we spend hours each day working, sometimes two jobs just to stay ahead. When we get our paycheck it's already too late to pay our bills on time. Week after week, it's the same problem. It's too much of an inconvenience for our employer to change paydays or to give every employee a cash loan quick. So we struggle without any breathing room. The simple solution is to use the internet to get a short-term loan.

There are many different ways to avoid the stress of insufficient cash flow including a same day or overnight loan, or a fax-less loan or convenient paycheck loan. The more you know about how these loans work, the easier it is to get the right type of loan to ease the pain.


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