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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leaking Cash From Water Bills?

Utility bills are soaring like skyscrapers. In financially hard times, we should think of ways to cut costs on our household utility bills.

Do you know that one of the largest utility bills we pay for is from our water usage?

About 50 percent of our water consumption in our homes is used in the bathroom. A whopping 20 percent of that is just water to flush down the toilet. Now that is definitely cash down the drain.

So why not become more water-smart around the house and make good, money-saving changes? A few simple steps can take you a long way in saving money from water bills and stretching your payday cash across the finish line.

First off, since being green is in nowadays, check out the manufacturer's water efficiency labels. Australia has a new program that gives consumers a hand to compare the water efficiency of different products using a star rating scheme. The program is called the Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards (WELS). Choosing water-efficient products for home use will save you money and, at the same time, help the environment.

Another important tip for being water-smart is always fix leaks. It's a simple enough thing to do, especially if you don't put it off and contain the damage as soon as possible.

Here's another piece of trivia for you: did you know that you can waste up to 20,000 liters a year from dripping taps and leaking taps? So better take action now and fix those leaks pronto!

A good way to find out if you have leaks in the house is to close and turn off all the taps and other water-related appliances around the house. Check your water meter and note the readings. After about three hours, check the meter again and see if the meter moved or not. If it did, it means you have a leak somewhere and better find and fix it. For dripping taps, changing the washers is a simple and good solution. But, if all else fails, call the right person for the job, not your best buddy - who else but the plumber?

A common mistake many people make is to put off getting hired help. If you suspect there's an issue, it's in your best interest to get the plumber in pronto. If you don't, the small problem or leak could explode into a massive plumbing nightmare! Not having enough cash shouldn't be an excuse to put off getting an expert in either. While your plumber may not offer you a payment plan, if you need cash fast there are a number of options to borrow small amounts you need. How about a payday advance from your employer? Or if you're not comfortable with that, a small payday cash loan off a private lender? Many of these companies now operate services of lending cash til payday discretely online. As with any financial dealings however, you need to do your research to find a trusted source.

At the end of the day, there is money to be saved from your water bills. Being water-smart will pay off, so keep on top of the small problems and you wont be hit up for expenses later!


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