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Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Pawn for Cash - What to Expect

When you are in need of CASH you can pawn your personal items for a quick cash loan.

Getting cash on the valuables you already own is easy.

Knowing what to say and how much to ask for will get you more money.

Please bring items in good working order, complete with all cords, remotes, manuals, and/or chargers.

You will need to show that your item is in working order.

Be prepared to tell the pawnbroker how much you would like for your item, because they are a service oriented business, they usually do not make offers.

Don't expect to receive fully value for your item, pawnbrokers lend only a percentage of what your item is worth because they may have to resell it later. Pawnshops try to sell for about half of retail.

Asking a resonable amount up front will more likely get you the most money for your item.

Not knowing how much you need prohibits them from helping you get the right loan.

Be sure you bring proper identification. Two proper forms of ID's are required for all pawns.

Your pawned item will be tagged and stored in a secure location.

You will receive CASH for your pawned item.

Be sure and retain your pawn ticket, you need the ticket to claim your item.

The balance on your pawn will be due in 60 days from the pawn date.

You can extend your loan as long as you need, you must make a payment at least every 60 days.

We recommend you make a payment once a month, but it is not required.


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