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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unemployed? Don't Get a Job, Start a Business

Comparing our world today with our world of 2 or 3 years ago, we see that it is different, very different. The United States of America was the most powerful force in the universe and now, the United States is like my high school career. Average.

It isn't Obama's fault and it isn't Bush's fault, it is our fault. We got lazy. We've become satisfied with the daily grind. I am one of our nation's unemployed and I have been for 13 years. I haven't had a job, I've been self-employed. For those 13 years, I made money as a disc jockey in bars and clubs. I got paid, and paid quite well to play music, make a few announcements, get drunk, and look at naked women, and I quit. It got boring, redundant and frustrating, to say the least, especially when the music changed and the economy took a big dump.

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Now that we are on our way out of The Great Recession, the time is now to start a business, and the place to do it is on the internet. With the help of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, the possibilities are endless. Starting a business online doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, there are other tools available free of charge, such as WordPress, Gimp, and of course EzineArticles.

What was your last job or what is your job now? Start your own business doing it better than that employer. What is your passion, what do you love to do? Write about it in a blog or sell an eBook about it. What do you want to do but do not have the knowledge to do it? Go back to school.

If you didn't graduate high school, get your GED (good enough diploma). Taking classes is a great way to make friends, business associates, and find customers for your new business. If you have your high school diploma or GED, go to your local college and get a degree. The government is offering plenty of assistance with grants (money to pay for school that doesn't have to be paid back) and student loans to help you achieve your educational goals.

Try getting a formal education so you can learn how to build a website. You will learn more than just how to build a website. You'll learn about social media, image manipulation, databases, and how to make images on the screen move.

While you are learning about that, you can start doing it and getting ready for your future.

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