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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Help For Those Applying For Loan Modifications

On somebody else's advice, many homeowners not able to pay their monthly mortgage payments apply for the loan modification process, but they are discouraged when they come to know that they are in the middle of a confusion which they have to solve with their loan lenders. Forms, evaluations, paperwork, proofs, applications, qualifications and others may seem to frustrate many borrowers, but the process is quite easy if understood correctly and you would be happy to know that many homeowners have been able to avoid their foreclosures with the help of loan modifications with their lenders.

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Home Affordable Modification Programs (HAMP) and Home Affordable Refinancing Programs (HARP) are launched by the new federal government under President Obama and they provide finance regulation help to homeowners who qualify for them. The loan modification programs provide help to homeowners suffering from low income, high expenses, loss of a job, death of a spouse etc. The loan alteration sets their monthly payments to a fee they can afford and helps in foreclosures or bankruptcies.

However, there are certain conditions that you must satisfy to qualify for the loan modification scheme. Firstly you should consider your ability or household income and the monthly mortgage payment you can make in the existing circumstances, also taking into account any hardships that you are currently facing. These loan revisions can also allow you to return the loan to the lender on specific terms, help you to stop foreclosure and also avoid the impact of your negative finance which could lead to you being listed as a defaulter and being denied any further credit. You should be living in your home when you apply for the modification and your mortgage balance should be under a particular amount depending upon the members that live in your home. Your gross payment must exceed 31% of your pre-tax monthly earnings.

Monetary incentives and subsidies are given out to lenders who offer the loan modification programs to homeowners who qualify for them and put them on a three-month trial period to see if they can pay the new charges on time. Anyone ranging from having risk of being defaulted to being involved in a foreclosure proceeding can be given out a loan modification. The federal government has allocated a 75 billion dollar scheme for these lenders alone. $5000 more credit would also be available to homeowners who are able to pay their new and affordable monthly mortgage fees on time.

Over 500,000 homeowners are presently registered in this program, being given a 3-month trial period and if they are able to settle their debts, then reduced payments and lower interest rates for a minimum of 5 years. It is putting a serious end to the storm of financial debts and foreclosures. But even then, more than 50% of the mortgage borrowers are not able to qualify for the loan modification due to recession, high unemployment rates and other monthly credits such as car loan and credit card bills.

Mitigation loss specialists such as 1st Foreclosure Prevention are experts in this field and can help you along the way through online chat, toll-free numbers, and free property mortgage evaluation through professionals. Filling in lender paperwork and applications may not be as easy as it seems, and its best that you let the experts help you with everything regarding foreclosures and loan modifications.

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